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Hi Guys,   I’m new to Mendix and want to work on a Use case which can keep me busy for two or three weeks. Kindly share any use case if you have.   Thanks in advance.
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Hi Abrar,

I will give you a use case.

Build Two Applications. 

  • One as an e-commerce app like Amazon or Ebay. 

An admin can add products to it and users can buy those products. 

  • Second as a bank application. It holds the data of the customers who are buying from the e-com app.

When clicking on buy button from e-com app , a REST call must be made. Through that we should reduce the price amount from person’s bank balance. If there’s no enough balance ,we should display insufficient balance in ecom app.

This usecase will help you to get strong in REST calls and error handling.

Happy Learning :)


Hi Abrar

Please check out the Mendix Academy, they have quite the use cases in there for all kinds of levels: Mendix Academy - Home

Also, the Mendix Solution Gallery can spark your creativity: Low-Code Solution Gallery | Customizable Solutions For Every Industry (

Kind regards,