Moving Data From One Page To Another

Hi    Can anyone assist with what functions and methods would be needed to move an entry from one page to another after they have been completed?   I want an entry created in for example incoming orders to a page with completed orders and have the entry in incoming orders removed and then recreated in a completed page.
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Hi Waldo,

Very dependent on the exact situation, but I would consider the following:

- Set a boolean attribute (completed) on the order entity completed (standard = false)

- When an order gets completed set the attribute to true

- Make two pages with datagrids and set the datasource to xPath.

- For the incoming orders set the xpath to [completed = false()]

- For the completed orders set xPath to [completed]

(Make sure that you set the boolean after completing the order and refresh the object, so they will be immediately moved)

If you have more than one status, for example (incoming, in progress, shipping, completed), you should use an enumeration instead of a boolean, but the general idea remains the same.

Hope this helps! 



When opening a page, you can pass an object as parameter. If the entered data is located on the object (as attribute) or associated with the object (via associations) you can pass the object to the next page and show/process the data there.