How best to pass a value to a page.

I have gone round and round looking for a good way to pass a value from a microflow to a page and then toggle on or off the visibility of  content.   I finally settled on creating an entity with one column and one row that is updated from false or true based upon whether my business is open or not. The microflow creates an object, does a bit of stuff, then updates the one row. I then open the page which has a data view and two layout grids (could easily be just one) where the one and only grid row of each layout grids visible condition is based upon the attribute value being true or not. This works.   I am sure there is a better way of passing a value from a microflow to a page that would do the same thing. I just could not find it. Any ideas?   Cheers!!
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Hi Steven,

Only way to pass a value from microflow to a page is by passing a object.




You can only pass object from microflow to page or page to microflow, you can not pass particular value like string, integer, boolean etc..

To handle such kind of scenario, you can use non-persistent entity.