Is there a way force a page to refresh conditionay?

This may sound like a crazy question, but it makes sense to me. I have a page that toggles content based upon business hours. Suppose I open the page and then leave it open for several hours, the option to call me would still be open.   I am working on a new microflow that would toggle this open so that all I have to do is call the page and the content would toggle instead of calling a microflow that opens the page.   Given this new microflow, and assuming I can make it work as well as the current which I expect to be able to do, it would be great if the page would refresh when the browser tab is clicked and after a period of minutes of browser inactivity. Sounds complex, but maybe not. And these are just examples.   Any ideas of where to look? I have not found anything yet. Still looking.
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Hi Steven,

Try using the microflow timer widget or Scheduled event. 
In both scenarios, you can create a microflow to refresh the page parameter. Choose the widget based on your requirements.