Project Directory outside of OneDrive sync

Hello   my mendix project is automatically created under “Documents/...”. Unfortunately our Documents folders are automatically synced with OneDrive. This has severe disadvantages working with Studio: this bloats the system load dramatically due to constant OneDrive syncing of many small object and tmp files, used by mendix during runtime this creates errors: e.g. tmp-files created by mendix are unsupported to be synced via OneDrive – which causes OneDrive to permantently pop up error messages.   Is there a way to assign a different project directory for an app? Or even a default location for all apps?
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Hi Stefan,


if you open an app within Studio Pro from the Team Server you can select the project folder. Once you have done that Studio Pro will automatically set that folder as “default”. 


I know it’s a workaround but as far as I know there is no other option right now.


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Maybe it is easier to solve this by stop synching your Mendix folder with OneDrive by following the steps in this link:,or%20exclude%20them%20from%20OneDrive.



We like to track the version as part of the project name. Bumping the version was always problematic. I found a way to not only set the folder (and keep the sync) but change the version as well.

  1. Export the app package (new snapshot of the data).
  2. Change the name of the exported file to the target name (version in our case)
  3. Launch Studio Pro 
  4. Open app locally
  5. Navigate to the exported package and open it.
  6. On the Import Package screen change the Disk location/App directory to any local folder. ONLY change the path up to the name – the name is the same as the package with -main appended. If there is something beyond -main delete it.
  7. After it’s open make some changes, save all, and commit.

Now you have a local copy that is in sync and it’s not connected with one-drive.