Publish a REST service take a document as a parameter

Hey,   I just don’t understand how I can create a REST endpoint so users can upload documents to my app. I created the POST endpoint, put a FileDocument as a parameter, but when the microflow is called, the FileDocument is empty … I use “Form” parameter type, as there is no “binary” option … Couldn’t find any information in the doc... What am I missing ?   Thanks
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You could take the file content as base64 encoded string (in the body of the rest request) and use community commons‘  Base64DecodeToFile to store it as a file. 


Hi Francois,


Good to hear that you found a solution. May I ask what you meant by

>I use “Form” parameter type, as there is no “binary” option …


I you would like clients to upload a single file using a POST request, you would use a body parameter type, right?