Show data for current user in data grid

Hi mendix forum!   I am a bit new to mendix, so i have some trouble displaying my data in a data grid. Let me explain the app for a little bit. We have clients who we want to let fill  in a form for every window they have and display those windows in a datagrid on a overview page. I have two entity's “Person” and “Window”.  They have a association of one tot many ( one person can have many windows).  I also  made a association to the user entity.   The form for the windows is on a different page then the overview datagrid.    On the overview page i have nested the window datagrid in the person dataview, so i thought i could display them by association. This doesn’t work.   Could you tell me how i can display all the windows for the currentuser in the data grid? So every time the app is initiated by an other user the grid is displaying only the windows for the current user and not all the windows?   many thanks in advance  
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Hello ,


Can you share some screen shots of what you are planning to achieve  ?




This is the overview page with the datagrid. The data grid is nested into a person dataview. When you click on “Raam toevoegen” you come on the form page.


This is the form where you can add the windows to the data overview page. Everytim this “Nieuw raam” form is filled in, i want it to show in the overview datagrid.