How to implement the batch step in Mendix

Hi All,   i have a workflow and few tasks, at the middle of the workflow, i need to have a ‘batch step’ to handling some batch activities, and the workflow needs to move to next task/step automatically ONLY after the batch activities  completed, the batch activities needs to wait for some data from other system(may be 1 day), which means the ‘batch step’ in the workflow needs to be pause status until ‘batch’ activity completed.   how can i implement the feature in workflow? 
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What you could do is call a microflow within your workflow. Then let that microflow trigger you actions and use the ‘Change Worfklow state’ action. With this action you can pause the workflow.

Once your batch activities are done retrieve the correct workflow and use that same microflow activity(Change Workflow state) to unpause the workflow and continue the process.



yes, we are able to complete the task. first you have to change the task state as 'in progress' in microflow, and then use CommunityCommons.executeMicroflowAsUser_1 to invoke the microflow to simulate the end user clicking the button.



In Mx10.0 we have added the workflow Activity “Wait for notification". In your case you would have the “Call MF” activity followed by the “Wait for notification” activity. The microflow will trigger the batch activities and the workflow will wait for the microflow activity “Notify workflow” and then continues.