Unable to open projects in mendix sudio pro.

Hi, I am unable to open a specific project in mendix studio pro. I recently started working on mendix and  I took update for snapshot from team server somehow it was not able to take update properly and after that whenever I am trying to open that project in studio pro, I am getting these errors. Please guide me how to rectify this errors. Thanks
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Install Tortoise. Then go to your project directory, and run SVN cleanup like suggested in this forum-question: https://forum.mendix.com/link/questions/95238

Hi Venkatesh,

You can download Tortoise SVN version:

TortoiseSVN 1.7.15, Build 25753 - 64 Bit -dev, 2014/08/09 10:23:48
Subversion 1.7.18, 

You can find it here: https://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html

Once you have installed it, you can go to the file that is conflicted in your project folder, right-click on it and click the tortoise SVN “Resolve” option.