Image upload button is greyed out

im trying to upload an image for a team entity but the image uploader is greyed out in when i run the application.
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Hi Salaar,

I see that you’re facing a problem uploading an image to your app.

The solution is simple

Picture Entity

  • Create an entity to save the images
  • Set the entity’s generalization to System.Image
  • Go to the association tab of your entity’s properties, select the associated entity, set type to “Reference” and owner to “Both”

Associated Entity

I’m going to assume that you already have an entity that you want to add a picture to.

To add a picture to your object, you’ll need to call a Microflow through a button

In that Microflow

  • Use a Decision to check if Picture exists (e.g. $NewEmployee/MyFirstModule.ProfilePicture_Employee)
  • Create a Picture entity only when a Picture object doesn’t exist.
  • Show the NewEdit (Details) page


On the page where you have your Image uploader

  • Add a DataView inside the associated entity DataView
  • Then add an Image uploader widget inside the nested DataView
  • Set its Data source to Picture through association