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The problem is the following:  I have a project with the 9.9.1 version, when I tried to open this project on a different laptop said that I can’t because it was created in 9.10.1. So, I did install the 9.10.1 version and worked a bit, and then committed on the main line. The other guys that are working on the project, cannot update or commit because with my commit the app was converted to 9.10.1.  My question is, how can I revert this issue, I don’t care about my commit I can do it again, but I want the app and mainly the mainline branch to use the 9.9.1 version.
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You can revert commits from Mendix Studio Pro by navigating to Version Control > Reverse Merge Changes and selecting the commits that you want to reverse. Undoing the commit where you upgraded the Mendix version will revert to the previous Mendix version.


Hi Andrei, 


You can change the project version using the MprTool!

Its a undocumented Tool use at your own risk!!


Ex: from →

  • Open the MprTool ( ie: d:\Mendix\\modeler\MprTool.exe )
  • Open your project → File\Open...
  • from Menu Tools → Edit Metadata
  • Change the Metadata Product Version and Build version to desired version
  • Done!
  • Try open the project in Mendix and check if worked!




Edit the metadata → from 9.16.. to


Reopen in Mendix Pro, it will finish the conversion!



Check if compiles and nothing is broken.. Done!


Hope it works for you!

Best regards



Hi Andrei,


You can revert the merges and changes but once the app is committed in the upgraded version you can’t downgrade your app and so better continuing the work in 9.10.1 with your teammates.


Hi Andrei-Florin Stoinoiu,


Its not possible to downgrade the app version.