Export to excel performance issue

I am facing a performance issue while downloading export to excel with large number of data more than 10k Records Is there any way to make the excel file download without delay right now its taking more than 30 seconds to download.
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Hi Jagadeesh,

I think it is not possible to give a very specific answer to your question. Performance is impacted by many factors: the amount of data in you database, system resources, indexes, the queries used etc. And a large set of data will of course take more time than a smaller set.

In order to find the factors that affect performance in your case, some suggestions you may try. For each action check how that affects performance in your situation:

- limit the dataset to export to 1 record.

- limit the data in your database to a minumum

- see if you can identify expensive queries and remove the parts that you feel are expensive, just to see what the effect is (eg complex joins)

- try exporting to csv instead of excel

- try exporting only one column of data to excel


A workaround can also be to create the export in the background so the user can continue using the system in the mean time.


I hope this gives you some options.


Data limitation helped for me. However, the performance was still unsatisfactory.


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