While Committing the code, getting error

Hello, I am using Mendix studio pro 9.6.9.  We are using GIT repo. While committng the code, I am getting a error like “One or more files are conflicted. Please use external tool to resolve it”. I am not getting any conflicts in Changes tab. I have open the app folder also and try using Tortoise (external tool ) to resolve but there also no conflicts are there  because of this, in Tortoise tool also not getting RESOLVE option.   Please help me out. Thanks
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Sometimes it does not show any conflict if you are outside of the directory which has conflicting files (even though you are in the correct project directory). See if you can find a yellow exclamation icon in front of any directory in you project folder. This icon would indicate it has conflicting files. Open up that directory and try resolving conflict using Tortoise SVN again.

Hope this helps