email connector module error: IMMAPP Provider not a subtype

i’m attempting to configure the email connector module and on the UI EmailConnector_Overview a “contact your system admin” error generates.    i do have the encryption and mx model reflection modules in my app     stack trace:    can somebody please help me work through this?  
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Hello corina,


Here is a step by step guide


Hope this helps.




Hi Corina, 


I think I may have a solution for you based on my own experience. In order to get the new email connector up and running after having used Email with Templates, I had to:


- Remove Email with Templates

- Update Encrytption

- Update MendixSSO


This didn’t quite fix the issue, but then when I went through my userlib folder and removed every .jar file that had a MendixSSO (not MendixSSO 3.1.0) .RequiredLib file associated with it. Only then was I able to get the Email Connector fully working.


Mendix’s dependency handling doesn’t seem to work particularly well when it comes to removing old modules/updating them, you end up with a lot of files in the userlib folder that you don’t need.


Let me know if that helps!