I want to save my column configuration in data grid 2 in mendix

I want to save my columns reordering, hidden functionality as per the user demands. as i have many users they want to see different columns according to their need.
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Hi Pratik,


We can do this by using the Datagrid 2 “Personalization”  tab. Inside this tab there is a row called “Configuration” where you need to add an attribute called “Config” having unlimited String length.


  1. Create an entity and add one attribute having unlimited string length and associate it with the account entity.
  2. on page pick the data view having source as a microflow. Refer to below screenshot.


  1. Place the Data Grid inside the above Data view.
  2. Open the Data Grid 2, Go to Personalization tab and find the configuration row.
  3. In Configuration, select the attribute coming from the dataview having unlimited string length. Refer to the Screenshot below.



Priyesh Srivastava


While i am implementing the MF it works as expected but The UI side while we deselect some coloumns than it was showing blank space.