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Hello.  My mendix studio pro has all of a sudden stopped allowing me to open apps. It affects all of my apps. I can open them in studio but the work I need to do requires studio pro. I’ve tried restarting my laptop, reinstalling mendix 9.16.1 and removing myself from the app and having another member re add me. I’ve attached a photo of the error and the details.      details: SharpSvn.SvnSystemException: Can't stat 'C:\Users\ashkim4d\OneDrive - SPLM\Documents\Mendix\QMR2-main': Access is denied.      at SharpSvn.SvnClientArgs.HandleResult(SvnClientContext client, SvnException error, Object targets)    at SharpSvn.SvnClientArgs.HandleResult(SvnClientContext client, svn_error_t* error, Object targets)    at SharpSvn.SvnClient.CheckOut(SvnUriTarget url, String path, SvnCheckOutArgs args, SvnUpdateResult& result)    at SharpSvn.SvnClient.CheckOut(SvnUriTarget url, String path)    at Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.SvnClientAdapter.CheckOut(SvnUriTarget url, String path) in C:\Users\Autobuild\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl\Svn\SvnClientAdapter.cs:line 62    at Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.Windows.SvnConnector.Checkout(IRemoteRepository remoteRepository, IRevLine branchToCheckout, String targetProjectDirectory) in C:\Users\Autobuild\workspace\AppStudio4.0-Build\modeler\Mendix.Modeler.VersionControl.Windows\Svn\SvnConnector.cs:line 69
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Hi Ashley,


Try to have your Mendix app outside of your one drive folder. 



Are you using drive tools like Microsoft OneDrive?  it seems to block access while backing up, which can be a problem when trying to build a Mendix application which needs to write to the same place.