Need to implement default date in calendar

Hi all, I am having a page where it takes details from user. Its having start date and end date options. when ever user opens that page start date will directly shows today’s date by default. now what i need is end date should show 90 days after start date by default. when user opened that page start date will be showing todays date and end date should show current day+90 days. how can i achieve this? I implemented on change even at start date but its only changing whenever we changed the date in start date. how can i get end date by default? please helpme out. thanks.
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In your show page microflow either create or change the object (entity) which contains the date attributes , Then Set the value of start date as [%CurrentDateTime%] and end date as addDays([%CurrentDateTime%], 90).

This way once the page is loaded it will have prefilled values . 


Remember to not commit the object yet , all the commits should be triggered from save activity.