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Hi Guys,   I’m trying to display bar chart in my app. The Bar Chart should be placed within a Data view or List View. If I add bar chart in list view, it displaying the chart multiple times. Similarly If I add a bar chart in Data view, it displaying  chart once but for only one object. I want to display bar chart once for all objects. Could you please help me to  implement this functionality. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Steffy,


Here is the screenshot



Hi Abrar

try to retrive all the list of data of particular entity and associate that data to a attribute and return that attribute at the end of DS flow and add that ds flow for that data view and place the chart inside dataview and configure the returning attribute in the chart proproties.


Hope this helps.  


Hi Abrar,


I am just giving an example. In my case, I am trying show student name along with their exam result.


Create 1 non persistable entity for barchart. In my case, I have named it as BarChart.


In your page, Add dataview widget and select the Barchart entity.


Inside dataview, add bar chart widget.




In chart properties, I know that my data is from database and it is static. So I am defining my data like this


X- Axis will take Marks whereas Y axis will take student names.



I have defined my data series like this


Pass student data:





Similarly I have defined it for Fail result as well.


Final Result will be like this