Edit in Studio Pro appear error

 I upgrade app from version 8.12.1 to 8.18.4,not making any changes, only Porject Modified and committed to mainline, I should commit to my branch line, that caused my company support team can not open the app by Studio Pro 8.12.1. So I use TortoiseSVN to revert trunk to the previous revision and commited. Now the app can be download and open by 8.12.1.        But after that , Edit in Studio Pro appear error as below.  Could you suggest how to resolve this? Really thanks.   In the normal case, it should pop up VersionSelector  
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it happens sometimes when my new member just load a project with new version, after working for some tasks they commit back to server T_T.


I normally do like this:

- Create a new folder to store the repository contents

- Right lick and select SVN Checkout

- enter url (<app_id>/trunk/trunk) and you may see the previous version


then use mendix studio pro open this folder again. 


hope this help


Not sure but a thought which might help

1. Delete the whole folder of your local file

2. Open studio pro 8.12.1

3. Open project again