Is the wrong from me or Mendix ?

So when i publish my app my API does not work. but in preview the API works so what is the problem ?      
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I assume you are calling a REST API (not exposing). I think you are getting either a 401 error not being authorized or a connection error 2xx  . It could be that:

1). Your local Internet breakout is allowed to communicate with the API as the Published IP addresses are blocked

2). The authentication mechanism of your API’s is accepting your Local Notebook credentials, or it remembers it (after you first connect in a different way to the service)


If this doesn’t help you, please add the question providing the error $latestHttpResponse/ReasonPhrase and toString($latestHttpResponse/StatusCode). You can create a Show message or Log message for it, just after the Call REST action


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If you look at the error messages, you can see the REST service you are calling is returning a “Service Temporarily Unavailable” error. This would suggest the service you are trying to call is failing.

In your Mendix application, you may also want to look at adding error handling on your “Call REST” action so you can handle these errors gracefully.

You may also want to change the log level for the “REST Consume” log node to TRACE as this will capture what the Mendix app is sending and receiving from the remote REST service. It can be useful for debugging.

Hope this helps.