Selecting a row in table

Hi, I have created the list view for entity and table for values. I have to edit the value by selecting a row and click edit. Can anyone tell how to do that with a helper entity?
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Hi Lavanya,

You directly use Datagrid for this question in that you will be having the inbuilt properties as for selecting the row and clicking the edit button leads to opening a new page like that.

or else 

with listview you can add a button as edit in for the object in the listview where you can find more edit buttons on click of that edit button you can be able to open the particular record or object to edit it no need to use a new helper entity for editing purpose.


Hope this information helps you.


HI Lavanya,

You can achieve same by placing a Data View with listen to widget property as data source and keep it above list view and you can give edit option inside. So a helper entity wouldn’t be required here.