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I Currently have a list view showing Attributes and displaying a file that you can select to view, this list view entry has a file Associated with it. I was wondering how do delete the list view entry and not the file associated with it because these files are used elsewhere in my app.   
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You can get started by introducing a delete  behavior in your domain model . 



Also its important to note that once the object is deleted you have to make sure the associated object is not orphaned if you are planning to delete the object manually.




My Team have given me the answer for future reference


You can controll this via a Flag/Field if this is global than one Field should be enough. If this is per User you need to assosiate this with the current user.

Example: add the field "Visible" in the entidy and set it to true per default. When you want to hide it, set it to false and in the list view you use a filter where Visible = true