Reduce the text box size and adding asterisk symbol

HI, I have two question: 1.I have created the text box for a string value. I have to reduce the text box size. Is it possible to reduce its size? 2. I want to add the asterisk symbol in the page to show them as mandatory. Can anyone tell how to add it? Appreciate your help
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Hi Lavanya,

1) You can set width of the textbox by width:100px; in the appearance tab of a text box .
2) .required label:after {
content:" *"; color: red;

} Add this to your main.scss and use ‘required’ class in all mandatory text boxes\

Hope this helps!


1. You will have to write a class or change the styling through CSS and target the label and the form-control inside the MX-textbox

2. Follow the below link you can import icons,

Hope this helps!



1. If you select the textbox on your right there should be a box called ‘Common’  There is a section in there called ‘ Design Properties’ and most likely there is a row called ‘Size’ There you can select a custom size(problably small or large)
The other option is to change the render mode or create a custom class and set the size.

2. Not sure what you mean with this, you can add the * as a text to the page?

Hope this helps!