Install Mendix on Mac using Parallels VM

  Hi all   I was trying out Mendix Studio Pro and tried to install version 19.12.4 or higher versions on Mac through parallers VM on parallers document they are given a free 14-day trial of Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac. I want make sure for work I need to be sure that MX works. Else I won't be to buy it, someone have already buy or using parallers VM please suggest. Thank You    
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Hi Neeraj,

I use Parallels on my Mac to run Mendix Studio Pro. 

There is documentation on how to setup your environment to run Mendix on Parallels which is really useful.

I have an Intel based Mac so I can run older versions of Studio Pro. If you have a newer M1 based Mac you can only use Mendix 9.6.5 and above or 9.9.1 and above.

Hope this helps.


Hi  Robert,

Thank you for your response,
after doing all setups on mac with parallels and I have installed Mendix, I tried to build a native APK App but shows these popup errors, could you please suggest to me, mac with parallels VM doesn't support to build a native APK, or is it something else I missed on configuration?

Thank You