Using a ReferenceSelector as value of multiple attributes.

Hi   I have an Entity called Transfer where I have CurrentJobTitle and NewJobTitle.  I also have an Entity called JobTitle which has a String Attribute also called JobTitle, this Entity acts as a list of all of the available JobTitles which I can use a ReferenceSelector to access. I can set up a microflow which will update Transfer/CurrentJobTitle to the selected value of JobTitle/JobTitle without any issue.   The issue I have is that I also need to use a second ReferenceSelector for NewJobTitle as well but when I use the first dropdown it also populates the value in the second value meaning that I can’t have two different values for Current and New. Is there another way to make the Transfer/CurrentJobTitle and Transfer/NewJobTitle a dropdown based on the values within the JobTitle/JobTitle entity?   Thanks Grant
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Hey @Grant,

You need to havve two associations between transfer and jobtitle to manage that.

something like Transfer_NewJObTitle and Transfer_OldJobTitle.

now you can have two different reference selectors to manage this.