Is it possible to customize the shortcut keys of Mendix pro?

Is it possible to customize the shortcut keys?   Mendix changed the fast navigation between open folders with ctrl + tab to a slow version with a pop-up screen and a extra enter keystroke.   I think it is not possible, but does anybody know maybe how to “hack” this into the modeler?   I would be so gratefull as i cannot get used to the new situation. I am 3 times slower than before.   Kind regards,   Nick Kluter
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Hi Nick,

I use a mouse with extra buttons on it. I personally have them mapped to the debugger keys in Studio Pro, because the default debugger keys are so complicated. So the three buttons on my mouse are mapped to key combinations for Step Over, Step Into and Continue. But you can map them to any key combination that you like. Maybe this is an option for you?