Can we use DataGrid2 in a Select page?

Clicking Generate->Select page gets you a popup page with a list of selectable objects. This list is currently a Datagrid-widget. Is it possible to replace this with a DataGrid2-widget? Problem I run into is that there seems no way to make an object get selected upon (double-)clicking it.    *Editted* Hm, same as with the Listen-to-DataGrid2 there is a way: Add as page parameter the entity that you want to associate the selected object to, To the DataGrid2 add an Onclick-nanoflow, this nanoflow will have the target entity as parameter; To that nanoflow, add a second parameter for the same entity as your DataGrid2; Now, magically, Mendix’s DataGrid2 will pass the clicked object to the nanoflow In the nanoflow associate that object to the target entity. The reference-selector will not pass the target object to the select-page (how anoying), replace it with a uneditable textbox which, onclick, calls the select-page. Way too much of a hassle, but it does the trick. Should be possible out of the Mendix-box. IMHO Mendix should make a choice: Either make the DataGrid2 have everything that DataGrid has, and remove DataGrid Remove DataGrid2 entirely. The way it is now, developers get presented two datagrids, both having serious functional issues.  
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