Build fails after upgrade(Mendix Studio Pro v.9.6.7 to v.9.12.0))

After updating from Mendix Studio Pro v.9.6.7 to v.9.12.0 and running Locally, I got the following error message. It was working fine with Mendix Studio Pro v.9.6.7.   [rtlauncher:container$] INFO Evictions for component 'project-userlib': Evicted C:\workspace\deployment\model\lib\userlib\commons-lang3-3.7.jar by C:\workspace\deployment\model\lib\userlib\commons-lang3-3.11.jar. Evicted C:\workspace\deployment\model\lib\userlib\commons-lang3-3.9.jar by C:\workspace\deployment\model\lib\userlib\commons-lang3-3.11.jar. Evicted C:\workspace\deployment\model\lib\userlib\okhttp-3.13.1.jar by C:\workspace\deployment\model\lib\userlib\okhttp-4.10.0.jar. 2022-09-14 16:13:03.187 INFO - M2EE: Added admin request handler '/prometheus' with servlet class 'com.mendix.metrics.prometheus.PrometheusServlet' [rtlauncher:container$] INFO Container start took 4163. Ready to accept admin requests.   I deleted the ".mendix-cache" folder referring to the following question, but it could not be resolved.   It worked fine on other team members' environments, so it doesn't seem to be a jar file issue. Please let me know if anyone knows the solution.  
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The answer is their in your question itself.

In userlib folder there are duplicate jar files with two version for example common-lang 3.7 and 3.11

Keep the latest one and delete the older one.


Make sure you don't have any duplicate jar file in userlib.