Data Grid Search Filter

I have user registration form which asks for full name ( full name can be made up with firstname and lastname), I allow user to add any number of  whitespace ( either at beginning, middle or end ) while giving full name into form. Now I am using data grid to show user data and using search filters for full name. whenever I try to search full name which does not contains unneccesay or extra whitespace it works fine. But it is not able to search the full name which contains extra whitespace (  either at beginning, middle or end .) Do anyone have approach to make search filter able to search in this senario ?  
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Hi Vipin,

Maybe the best solution would be to create your fullname field yourself by concatenating the firstname and lastname and stripping the firstname and lastname from all the extra whitespace, so you will store a nicely formatted fullname. Then you can search on this fullname as you want.