Make a PDF interactive by creating locations

Hello there! I am looking to make a PDF interactive by placing things on top of it I have a lot of orders for my company, each order has a PDF file that shows locations. I want to place something on the PDF to create locations where I can add information about that certain location; - Unique location number - Status (Should be changeable by clicking on it and editing it) - And I want to add a checklist to it, but that is not important for now An example of what I am looking for (this is an app I use now, but I'd like to use Mendix for it): I have placed circles around what is important, you can see I have created a location on the PDF with an unique number and placed a pin on top of it that holds a status (it changes color based on the status)   When you click on the pin you get to edit the status like this:  Summary: I want to have a list of orders, you can select an order and you get to a PDF where you can also zoom in/out from and you should be able to create locations on the PDF and change the status and then it changes the color with it automatically   How can I accomplish something like this? Thanks in advance!
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I would start using something like this:
Maybe the widget needs a little tweaking for your specific use case