Unable to execute rule nanoflow

Over the past week, the client has been spitting out about 20 errors with the rather ambiguous text “Unable to execute rule nanoflow” after a particular action. We do have rule’s, but I’m not sure what a ‘rule nanoflow’ is. All of our rules are used in microflows (so far, to my knowledge), so my guess is that this is something going wrong in the background? Anyway, the issue is that I don’t know what particular microflow/nanoflow/activity is causing this (If any. There happen to be quite a lot of actions that cascade from that ‘particular’ action I mentioned earlier). If anyone has a tip for where to look/how to resolve this, I’d appreciate it.
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To pinpoint the exact issue, just try the debugger I guess? 

So enable debugger on the particular action, and start stepping through. At some point your flow will stop, and you see the error in the console. From there you are able to go further. 


Nanoflows run in the browser, not in the background on the server. 

It’s also possible to execute a microflow from a nanoflow, so that way you might get to a rule which is only triggered from a microflow.