How to resolve error message CE9208

The following error occurs frequently when executing the "Import module package" function when integrating sources between Mendix applications that duplicate and manage the same sources. The following elements map to the same database table, column or index: attribute XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and attribute XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Please delete the elements that you do not need anymore. ※XXXXXXX is the attribute name.   If we delete an existing module and then do "Add module", the error does not occur. "Replace module" will cause the error. However, the former method cannot be taken because deleting an existing module also deletes the inserted data.   We would appreciate it if you could provide the following two solutions. ・If there is a way to prevent this error without changing the implementation, please let us know. ・If there is a way to prevent the data from being deleted even if the module is deleted, please let us know.
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Hi Tatsuya,


It sound like a bug in Mendix. It may worth upgrading to 9.12.6 and retrying.

I hope this helps.