If a text field is left empty can i be auto filled to N/A or Unknown?

Hi guys, im having a issue. i have form that is filled out by the users and shows the results to the admins.    They enter these fields if they are known, but if they are not known they just come through blank is there a way  to stop them coming through as blank and just say Unknown instead? 
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Hey Charlie,

Did you try setting the dafult value?

You can do it in the attribut property in the domain model.

Pls refer to the image below,


Hope it helps!


You can use a microflow to commit the object.


You can commit the Value of “PartNumber” and “BatchNumber” as follows:

if trim($YourEntityName/PartNumber) = ‘’ then ‘Unknown’ else $YourEntityName/PartNumber


The same with BatchNumber


Hope this helps!