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Hi, I had a question about how to fill in dropdowns. The idea is that I need a list of numbers, from 1 to 4000 and there is no way to return a list of numbers only (without using entities). I have tried creating an object with a "number" attribute and a microflow creates 4000 records... but then, when accessing the data, it has to pull 4000 numbers and it takes forever to do that query. Any ideas? Thank you very much.  
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Hey David, 
did you try using the NPE?
By using the NPE and microflow, you can easily achieve this functionality.
And if you are using NPE, you don't have to worry about objects being saved in the Database.

Just create a NPE and and an attribute( eg. count). and then create the microflow,

You can refer to the image below.


Hope it helps!


Could you elaborate on why you need to create a dropdown with 4000 records and why it's only numbers?

Also, querying 4000 numbers shouldn't be that slow, getting them all in memory however, maybe.


If it helps, you can try the Autocomplete widget from the appstore where you can enter text and execute a search microflow, returning relevant results.