Create Customize page by admin for user

Hi, I am trying to make a customize page for a user, where I can select ( in dropdown) items from two different pages. I want to see the titles from those pages and have an ability to save the. How can I do that? Any help will be appreciated. 
2 answers

Assuming that you have 3 entities, one for the page with the dropdowns and 2 for the pages with the titles.

Create an association between entity 1 and 2 and one between 1 and 3 with the arrow of the association pointing towards entities 2 and 3.

Then on the page for entity 1 add 2 reference selector widgets and set the source to the association to entity 2 and then the title attribute of entity 2 and the same for the entity 3 dropdown (reference selector).

Now you can select the data from the other entites in the dropdowns and the associations are saved with the save of the record in entity 1.

If the case is that the title is coming from the same entity, so entity 1 then create the associations from and to the entity one and follow the same steps.


Thank you Erwin for answering inquiry. It worked but I am not able to see drop down sign and mock info that I added in the other entity attributes.  I see titles and no drop down sign. Is there another widget need to add to show that view? Thank you!