Applying dynamic CSS classes to document templates

Dear All, We would like to know if it possible to apply colors to the text of a PDF based on the color selected from the used in the UI from a wide range of color palettes. The idea is to somehow ask the user to apply a color to a text and show the text in the PDF generated from document template with the same color. We would also like to do the same of a container. Please let us know if this is possible or any workarounds for the same.
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You could accomplish this using an enumeration combined with conditional visibility in your document template.  For example, if you have an enumeration with values red, yellow and blue, you could have a 3 containers (or text elements) in your document template with styling that indicates background color or text color of each container.  Then you could place these in rows in a table and make each row conditionally visible based on the enumeration value.  This would be very tedious if you have a large number of colors, but it is do-able.

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