Error in starting studio pro 9.124

Whenever I try to run a app locally, it is never able to run. instead it shows this message.   What should I do to remove this error. Thank you in advance   **Edited**   Still getting the same issue after upgrading to 9.12.7
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Could it be this issue that was fixed in Mendix 9.12.5?

  • We fixed an issue where Mendix Runtime failed to start if a microflow call was configured to run in a task queue, but no queue was selected. (Ticket 147198)



I'm always getting the same error, in multiple versions 8.6.2, 8.18.18, 8.18.19 but what I'm doing is removing the deployment package and Mendix cache and it will work, but it's so annoying I keep facing the same always


Another thing to try would be to load up the Event Viewer application in Windows and look through the logs there. It should have an entry for the failure you are seeing. I’d look in the Windows Logs / Application section first to see if it’s in there.