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Hi all, I have one field which contains some list of values and those values are in ascending order. But in that values there is  one specific word “Trane” and this word should be placed at the top of the list by default and other remaining values should be as it is in ascending order.I want that “Trane” word at the top of the list.So how Can I achieve this scenario?
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Hi Madhura, 

what you can do is, In a micrflow,

Step 1

retrieve the list which you want to populate

Step 2

Using filter remove the object which contains ‘Trane’ from the list

Step 3

Sort the remaining objects in the list

Step 4

Add the ‘Trane’ object in the list and then return the list.


Hope it helps!


As Rishabh said, we can use that microflow for
objects retrieval and use that list as data source 
for drop down


Hi Rishabh

This microflow I have created. Is it correct?