How to create read-only PDFs

Hello all!   General: I use the module "Pdf Fill Form Fields" from the Marketplace for reading and writing pdfs. The basic requirement for this is that the PDFs are writable, which means that they are still writable afterwards. I use the module because I have received a lot of templates as PDF from the customer, which unfortunately can not be transferred via “Document template” in Mendix.   Problem: Now test protocols are to be created as PDF, which of course must not be editable afterwards. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to implement this in my research so far.    Can someone help me how I can provide writeable PDFs in Mendix read-only?   Thanks in advance!   Best, Fynn
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If i understand correctly, you need the PDF to be read-only.

The module you are referring to, has got a Java action called ‘JA_FlattenForm’. This will make the PDF read-only.