Mendix Studio Pro 9.18.0 regularly freezes

I have been using Studio Pro 9.18.0 for a few days now. I like the improvements Mendix made, but multiple times a day Studio Pro freezes completely. Nothing helps, i need to kill Studio Pro and restart.   Anyone else having this issue?   I have a feeling it is related to using ctrl-S or ctrl-shift-S for saving changes.
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Hi Michiel, 


I experienced a issue similar to the related onto the Mx 9.18.2 fix →

  • We fixed the issue where Studio Pro froze when microflow activities were dragged from the toolbar. (Tickets 168530, 168328, 165904, 165769, 165516, 165491, 164808)


In My case, The error started after a Windows 11 cumulative .NET update…



Probably the froze issue is related to .NET vs Mendix… 


Because,  after uninstall kb5017271 freezes errors disappeared.  

( and later on the KB5020622 for Windows 11, version 22H2, seems to fixed something as well)




Solution is to close the Connector view


Problem still occurs, but less if you close each page / change in de modeler piece by piece. 

So do not a re-run and do not save all changes in once.


I use to have a lot of trouble with Mendix freezing, until I start working with branches, that solved the problem. 

if your not the only one working on the same development branch I gets super slow. I suggest you to create your own one. if you need help with this please comment and I can guide you.


Hope you find the solution !