Regex to accept letters , numbers and special characters

Hi all I want a regular expression to accept alphabets,numbers and special  characters in string.Anyone know how to use it?  
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That sounds like you want to match any character, if that is the case you won’t need a regular expression.

Are there any characters you don’t want to match?


Hey Madhura Lendhe, there are a few ways of implementing this, as Robert mentions you might have other solutions besides a regular expression. However if you want to use a regex you can use the function isMatch.


You can implement this in your microflow and check in a decision split if the entered value is correct. You would write it like:


isMatch($entity/Name , '^[a-zA-Z]*$’)


This would check if the name only contain a-z and A-Z.


You can also add it in the text field itself, choose under validation>custom and then enter your regex with the isMatch function.


P.s. if you need a specific regular expression I would recommend to use a regular expression test tool found online to test your expression, a small mistake in the regex would cause it not to work correctly.