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Hello everyone, I want to automatically assign the FullName data from the First and Last Name data. I don't want to have to type Full Name that means I dont want to see ‘These fields are required’ sentence. Can someone tell me how I should automatically assign a Fullname ?
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Create a onchange event microflow, which you connect to both First and LastName input textboxes

This microflow will change the FullName based on $Employee/FirstName + ‘  ‘ + $Employee/LastName

Note that when one or both are empty you want to make choices:

  1. If one is empty don't set fullname, only when both are filled
  2. If FirstName is empty, only set $Employee/Lastname
  3. If Last Name is empty, only set $Employee/Firstname
  4. ….

This can be catched using decisions or if..then..else statements


there is several solution here. 

In my opinion the best approach would be to put the fullname text box in non editable. Then in the first name and last name text box, you can call a microflow on change event. In this microflow, you are changing the employee object, on the attribute full name, you put $employee/FirstName+’ ‘+$employee/LastName.

I would recommand you to check in this microflow to only change the object if $employee/FirstName and $employee/LastName are not empty