hide scrollbar for datagrid2

for design purposes i'd like to hide the scrollbar on a datagrid, is this possible? i tried adding a class to the datagrid and using the scss to change but couldn't figure it out. additional, the scss couldn't even change the background color of the datagrid so maybe it's a syntax error?  thanks for the help!
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Hi Corina,


I placed a datagrid2 widget in a container, container has the class “test”. Using the following css I managed to do both.


.test {
    .table {
        background-color: green; /* background of data */
        .th {
            background-color: green; /* background of headers */
        .table-content.infinite-loading {
            -ms-overflow-style: none;  /* Internet Explorer 10+ */
            scrollbar-width: none;  /* Firefox */

        .table-content.infinite-loading::-webkit-scrollbar { 
            display: none;  /* Safari and Chrome */