Please colleagues can you help me on how to tackle this task.

I want to indicate for each day in my request how many hours of vacation time I want to take so I don’t have to use my vacation hours for weekends and national holidays
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Indium has provided a very smart and great widget for you,

you can check it out here,


You can have a look at this module also, while you are added,

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You can get the day of the week by formatDateTime([%CurrentDateTime%], 'E'). It returns a value like “Mon, Tue” (or in the native language depending on the system's settings). 


For national holidays, you will need a list of national holidays or an API that can tell (It better is to use the API to populate the national holiday entity, from a cost perspective). retrieve a list of NationalHolidays.


In the Microflow, for each Day in your Request perform a find in that NationalHolidayList, if found + 0 if not evaluate the day in the week, if not Sat/Sun +8 hours (assuming an 8 hours workday) 


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