Check records in ln loop and update the record

Hello, I have a entity name Entries, there are attributes as follows Entry type, Time(start time), end time. Now I have 2 buttons “Check In” and “Check Out” So when I will check In, a record will be created with Entry type =Check In, Time = currdatetime() and end time = null. Now I want that when i click on Check Out, then A new record will be created with Entry type =Check Out, Time = currdatetime() and end time = null. But it will update the End time of Check In Entry (previous Entry).   I’ve created a microflow for it but its not working, Please help
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Could it be that on check out, you always want the latest check in to be updated and not the one you selected in the datagrid? In that case modify the checkout microflow to look like this:

(so removed the parameter)

The details of the first activity look like this:


Hi Dev,

You can do it in a other way also,

as soon as user clicks checkin a new record should be created and then in the list view, where you are displaying the information add a checkout button that calls a microflow and changes the status to checked out and sets the end time to currenttime,

this way you will be able to easily achieve your use case.

Hope it helps!


Something like this?ACT_Entries_CheckIn