Unable to call associated entity

Hi there, For example, I want to call "Entity3" on the "Entity" creation page, but I cannot call it as a data source. Why can't I call the associated entity? Also, why are there different ranges that can be called in the data grid, list view, etc.? I do not know the best tool for this. Thanks in advance. Kazuki Abe  
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Hey Kazuki,

For calling entity 3 on entity 1 page, you have to call entity 2 first, and based on, what you have chosen in entity 2, entity 3 will have different attributes each time,


For this implimentation,

You can refer to this question, here I have explained the whole scenario, and how we can achieve it,



Just put all this in the dataview of Entity 1 and then using a microflow on the Save button, you can link  entity 3 to entity 1,

Hope it helps!