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I am creating a student leave application in which student can apply for the leave request on his login page and admin have the access to approve it or reject it in admin page using dropdown. ...but i want to add a status in student page which is by default is waiting for approval but whenever admin select approved or rejected from dropdown the status in students page change to approved or rejected but i don’t know how to do that. ...i have created a enumeration and given three values there 1. waiting for appproval 2. approved 3. denied  and added a dropdown to leaveportal where student can add the request and by default in dropdown its showing default value as waiting for approval but the dropdown is not editable. ..i don’t know why . ...now i dont know how to change the status of dropdown to approved or reject according to admin response. ...can someone help ?
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A few things to check that can hopefully help troubleshoot
1) Check the permissions in both the entity the enumeration is stored in, as well as within the drop down (look at the editable field)
2) Make sure the user you are logged in as, has the correct permissions ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


It seems like Students should be able to see the status of their request and make requests, but not necessarily change them. Administrators are the ones that can actually change that status. I would double check that Administrators can edit the enumerated value, and then make sure the drop down is in the right place. 


My best guess is that the drop down needs to be on the Admin page, and then once an Admin makes those changes, they are displayed to the Student. It makes sense that a student wouldn’t be able to edit the drop down because a Student can’t approve or reject their own requests.