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Hello All !! ,    My data is showing in like this way, I tried many changes by changing the design properties, and by giving spaces but it is not displaying properly, can anyone help me with this? And second thing,  As you can see my buttons are in different positions, I’ve used visibility conditions on my buttons, So is it possible that my one button is hidden then in that place other button can be displayed?   For example, There is Check In button, if i click on Check In then it will hide as per given condition, so i want is in that place only Check Out button should come,  Please help if you have any suggestions or solutions. Thanks.
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Hi Dev Limbachia,


Use visibility function it will help to achieve the Second thing.

Follow the steps to do it :

  • Create a Boolean attribute , set default value as false in the same entity .


  • Add one more button next to the checkout button and name that button as check in.

These are the two buttons I used.


  • In check out button call a microflow (OCH) First activity change object -> change your boolean value to true.


  • In checkout button set conditional visibility, select based on attribute value.
  • Select that Boolean attribute and set false.

  • Repeat the same step in check in button set that Boolean attribute and set true