How to switch to a mendix previous version ?

Hi,   It’s possible to change to a mendix previous version?   Thanks.
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Hi Mikel, 


You can change your project mpr metadata using the undocumented Mendix MprTool. 

  • find your previous mendix studio directory, from there modeler → MprTool.exe
  • File → Open → pick your project.mpr
  • Tools → Edit Metadata → change de metadata versions to previews / desired version. 
  • Ok and Try out, opening the project in your previews mendix.! Done.


This method works fine between versions with small changes!… 

As the changes on model will not be downgraded, so your may expect some anomalies in cases like: lets say from 9.18 to 9.16. (9.18 has changed system models)


But, so far, its the only way that i know to change versions in Mendix.

So, Try out and do your tests carefully , as its a undocumented / unsupported method! )



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@Mikel Castro


You don't have to download the mpr tool. Open the folder where you installed studio pro, then go to the “modeller” folder, and in there you will find mprtool.exe.



This doesnt work for the mainline on the Team server. What can be done when you want to revert a committed MxVersion on the mainline (Revert merge changes action does not work) ?