I want to filter data which is in datagrid 2. what xpath constraint should i use to show data which is added in last 24 hours only

How can i show data of recent 24 hours only using xpath constraints or is there another way to do so?…. I want to filter data from datagrid 2 on the basis of recent 24 hours time
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Hi Vivek Hyalij,

I can think of two Scenarios here :
Scenario 1: 

If you want to show data from the current Day to Yesterday's Start of the day .  You can make use of solution given by Roy Veenvliet.


Scenario 2: 

If you  want to show data of last 24 hours from the CurrentDate time you can make use of Mendix xpath token :


Mendix Docs for you Ref: 


Example : 

[ DateRegistered < [%CurrentDateTime%] and 
DateRegistered  >'[%CurrentDateTime%] - 1 *  [%DayLength%]']